• Developing a project idea
    The combination of a key fob and a puzzle was selected for further product engineering out of different project ideas.

  • Agreement on one product design
    Out of different concepts for the product, the participants selected a key fob in shape of a cube with clickable side parts.

  • Optimizing the clicking system
    Out of different constructional concepts, one clicking systems was elected and optimized for the manufacturing process.

  • Presentation of first prototype
    With the help of Rapid Prototyping Technology, our partner from HTL Fulpmes had designed a first prototype of the key fob.
    The participants were able to get a first impression of the final product and could check the function of the clicking system.

  • Agreement on measurements and tolerances
    For the side parts of the cube and the moulding components, the partners agreed on all necessary measurements and tolerances.
    Apart from that, a common design for the logos in view to corporate identity was developed.

  • Selection of plastic material
    For the side parts of the cube the participants selected an appropriate material which also implied the calculation of
    the mould shrinkage during the cooling process in the mould.

  • Preparing the technical drawings
    The total of the moulding tools was drawn in a group, as soon as the technical drawings of the side parts had been finished,
    the moulding forms and the electrodes could be manufactured according to the given shrinkages.

  • Ordering material
    The different partners looked for suppliers of key fob rings with chain and ordered the needed components for the moulding form
    and the needed granulated plastic material.

  • Construction and assembly of the forms and moulding tool
    The electrodes, the inserts, the pattern plate and the ejection system were manufactured, adapted and assembled on the basis
    of CNC-technology in separated work groups according to the technical drawings.

  • Production of side parts
    During the final meeting the project partners produced some thousand side parts on a pressure die casting machine in different colours.
    While producing, the different parameters for a perfect production process had to be to be optimized and adjusted.

  • Assembly of the key fob
    In a common working process, the participants assembled the six different side parts everyone showing a different logo.
    As a result, they received a complete key fob in various combinations in colour. All side parts fitted perfectly.

  • Upgrading the homepage as communication platform
    The upgrade of the already existing homepage offers detailed information about the working progress of the partnership.
    In a forum, communication among all partners is supported.

  • Working out a technical dictionary
    Based on a moodle platform, a multi-lingual visual technical dictionary was prepared containing the specific technical terms
    of moulding and plastics technology. Every participant had provided several terms and phrases from a specific category.

  • Developing a final test online
    In a final test, which was offered online based on Moodle, the trainees´ knowledge on the field of moulding and
    plastics technology could be tested and rated. Every participant had provided suitable questions and answers from
    one specific category.

  • Providing a media archive
    A rather comprehensive collection of minutes, project plans, technical drawings, operation charts and presentations
    offer an impressive documentary of the partnership on DVD. Apart from this, all pictures and movies are implied as well.

  • Sightseeing at Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology
    This museum displays a lot of important cultural finds like the Zeugma and Gypsy Girl Mosaic.
    Furthermore you can see 65.000 bulla (seal imprints in clay) there, making Gaziantep Museum possessing the largest
    bulla collection worldwide.

  • Factory tour at Sanko Machinery, producer of construction machinery
    The factory tour offered an interesting insight into the production of construction machinery.
    All partners were able to get to know the capability of this business company and got an impression of CNC-based production
    of large prefabricated parts.

  • Visiting a Traditional Turkish Bath (Hamman)
    The partners took the chance to visit a traditional Turkish Bath (Hamman) and got to know an important element of the Islamic bathing culture.

  • Visiting the famous abbey Melk, Austria
    The famous abbey Melk as a landmark of the Wachau, Austria, belongs to the list of UNESCO world cultural heritages.
    All partners were fairly impressed by this tour through the most spacious and largest abbey of the Baroque epoch.

  • Participating in a ship tour on the River Danube
    A trip with a Danube ship including a dinner in a traditional restaurant presented the Wachau, the most beautiful part along
    the Danube and because of its unique beauty the river valley has been included into the UNESCO world cultural heritages.

  • Factory tour at Geberit – producer of sanitary piping systems
    This sightseeing tour at the Geberit offered a interesting insight into the production of pipe distribution systems with the help
    of complicated moulding tools. So, the partners received many valuable ideas and hints for their own project work.

  • Excursion to a historic mercury mine
    Situated in a picturesque landscape, you found the Schmittenstollen, one of the very few mercury mines worldwide open to the public.
    The participants of the tour gained information about the exploitation and extraction of mercury in historic days.

  • Participating in a wine tasting at a wine growing estate
    After a strong evening walk through the Nahe valley (and of course around a church ;-), the participants got to a traditional winegrowing estate,
    where they could get to know the typical taste of regional wine products.

  • Visiting the Johannes Gutenberg Museum at Mainz, Germany
    The former citizen of Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg, is declared as the inventor of the type printing and the printing press.
    The partners of the project printed one page of the bible as a souvenir.

  • Networking between projects: LEONARDO meets COMENIUS
    The project partners had the chance to meet the "Train for EUROPE", also a product of the "European CNC Network" and which was
    emerged as the winner of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2010. The train was again set up and shown to everyone.

  • Factory tour at Celoplás – producer of plastic parts
    As a highlight of plastic and moulding production, the company of Celoplás offered an insight into the production process
    with the help of different moulding tools. The participants had the chance to find new ideas for their own project work.

  • Shooting for the programme of TrofaTV
    During the meeting in Portugal, the local TV station TrofaTV attended the different steps of project work.
    In the movie, the mayor of the city of Trofa, Mrs Lima is shown as well when spending an evening at a Karaoke show
    with the project partners.

  • Visiting a traditional fish restaurant at the Atlantic coastline
    One culinary highlight was definitely lunchtime at a typical fish restaurant at the directly at the Portuguese coastline.
    After demanding times of work the participants had the chance to enjoy the unique nature during sundown at the Atlantic coast.

  • Company tour at Stubai Tooling Industries
    Several thousand tons of steel are annually being processed into high quality products for the tooling, gardening, forging and
    mountaineering industry before being sold throughout the globe. The partners got an impressive insight into the production.

  • Having a final presentation
    Students, teachers and political representatives met in the schoolyard of the HTL in Fulpmes. They were convinced of
    the performance of the partnership. A traditional Tyrolian brass band played at this event.

  • Participation at a cable car trip in the high mountains
    The trip with the Nordketten cable car near Innsbruck and having this spectecular view from the "Seegrube" into the high mountains
    of the Alps were unforgetable for everybody.

  • Participating at a medieval dinner
    As the noble damsel Rosemarie turned back time the participants were enabled to take part in medieval life as a knight.
    Apart from the culinary highlights, it was a very entertaining and surprising way of learning about life in former times.
    The highlight of this event was the accolade of our project coordinator as a knight called "Heinz, the Fearnought".

  • Participation at a hike including a downhill ride on a summer toboggan run
    After lunch we did an exhausting climb up to a mountain hut. The downhill trip on the summer togoggan run was a kind of reward
    for this trouble. The participants will positively remember this spectecular event.

  • Viewing and joining everyday life at the partner schools
    During the several project meetings, the participants had the possibility to view und join lessons at the partner schools.
    They could get an impression of education in foreign countries.

  • Carrying out public relations
    Different newspapers were interested in our project and reported in the local pages. The partners provided journalists
    with information material. Moreover, they organized press conferences.

  • Drawing up a thesis
    Two students of the HTL St. Pölten had our LEONARDO DA VINCI partnership as topic for their thesis. Finally they drew up a scientific
    documentation of our project activities. ©