• European Key Fob Cube
    The basic idea for a product was the combination of a puzzle and a key fob.
    This idea was more and more specified and then moulded as a key fob cube with six different clickable
    sides where each side displays the logo of the partner school as well as an outline of the home country.
    As the mould inserts have been produced individually by the partners, it was absolutely necessary to keep
    to the fixed measurements in order to provide a prefect fit.


  • Injection Mould
    Our "European Key Fob Cube" was produced by using a modern injection mould, which was built by all involved partners.
    Each of the six partners delivered the necessary inserts with the several logos and the outlines of the countries.
    During one moulding cycle the cavities of the inserts were filled by hot liquid plastic material.
    After cooling and ejecting out of the mould a complete cube with the six different side parts of the partners was produced.


  • Technical Drawings
    The total of the injection mould was drawn in a group by the partners. As soon as the technical drawings of the
    side parts had been finished, the electrodes and the inserts could be designed according to the given shrinkages.

  • Project Homepage
    The upgrade of the already existing homepage offers detailed information about the working progress of the partnership.
    In a forum, communication among all partners is supported.

  • Technical Dictionary
    Based on a moodle platform, a multi-lingual visual technical dictionary was prepared containing the specific technical terms
    of moulding and plastics technology. Every participant had provided several terms and phrases from a specific category.

  • Online Final Test
    In a final test, which was offered online based on Moodle, the trainees´ knowledge on the field of moulding and
    plastics technology could be tested and rated. Every participant had provided suitable questions and answers from
    one specific category.

  • Media Archive
    A rather comprehensive collection of minutes, project plans, technical drawings, operation charts and presentations
    offer an impressive documentary of the partnership on DVD. Apart from this, all pictures and movies are implied as well.

  • Television Documentation
    During the meeting in Portugal, the local TV station TrofaTV attended the different steps of project work.
    In the movie, the mayor of the city of Trofa, Mrs Lima is shown as well when spending an evening at a Karaoke show
    with the project partners.

  • Newspaper Reports
    Different newspapers were interested in our project and reported in the local pages. The partners provided journalists
    with information material. Moreover, they organized press conferences.

  • Diploma Thesis
    Two students of the HTL St. Pölten had our LEONARDO partnership as topic for their thesis. Finally they drew up a scientific
    documentation of our project activities.

  • Knight Diploma
    As the noble damsel Rosemarie turned back time the participants were enabled to take part in medieval life as a knight.
    Apart from the culinary highlights, it was a very entertaining and surprising way of learning about life in former times.
    The highlight of this event was the accolade of our project coordinator as a knight called "Heinz, the Fearnought". ©